People Stories

People Stories

Let Them Eat Cake… all While Helping Hens

With hens named Petunia, Peony, Pansy, Primula, Penstemon, and Primrose, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Rachel Parsons chose to raise funds for the BHWT by opening up her garden to the public…

People Stories

The Little Hen That Sparked a 96-mile Fundraising Trek

When poor little Pico was adopted by volunteer Lorna McGuinness, she was incredibly thin, couldn’t walk, and spent her first few weeks with her head bowed, looking very sorry for herself. Read more about Lorna and Pico by clicking…

Sam Sinclair
People Stories

Turning Miles Of Exercise Into Money To Help Our Hens

When we heard about Sam Sinclair completing a half Iron Man – a consecutive 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike ride and 13.1-mile run – in the name of the BHWT, we all thought the same thing: ‘this man must love hens!’

People Stories

A Virtual Marathon For A Very Real Cause

Ruth Wright and Keith McDevitt will soon be lacing up their trainers and pounding the pavement when they run 26.2 miles, all to raise funds for ex-caged hens.

Kim and Dominic Chandler
People Stories

How Far Would You Walk to Help Hens?

A mother and her son are walking a whopping 32 miles (around 64,000 steps!) to raise funds for the BHWT. Kim Chandler and her 12-year-old son Dominic will leave their six chickens at home when they tackle their challenge along the Basingstoke Canal in August.

Hayley and Olive
People Stories

A Tribute to Olive

BHWT supporter, Hayley Moisley, first adopted hens in 2017. Like many of us she experienced how much a hen can change your world. For Hayley and her 70,000 followers on Instagram, Olive was that hen.

Team Berkely - Ruth Howell
People Stories

All in a Day’s Work for Team Berkeley in Gloucestershire

Fifteen months ago, on a wet and windy weekend in Berkeley, the main BHWT Gloucester volunteer team was established. Although the team has now doubled in size, on their induction day they were a small, inexperienced group eager to throw themselves into every aspect of rehoming. Ruth Howell, the coordinator at Team Berkley, tells us all about how she started at the BHWT…

Ruth Burroughs and Jan
People Stories

A Hen’s Tale of Hope

Ruth Burroughs is one of our volunteers at Team Cornwall. She’s been with us for over six years now and kindly helps out by taking care of some of the poorly hens that we sometimes find when we collect hens from the farm. This month we spoke to her about a particularly poorly hen she connected with — a hen called Jan.

Lucy Griffith
People Stories

Lucy Griffith Spends a Night in the Bath for Hen Welfare Fundraiser!

Last month we were contacted by Becky Griffiths, a long-standing supporter of the BHWT. She brought news of her daughter, Lucy, who had set up a JustGiving page to fundraise for the BHWT by spending a night in the bath! We just had to get in touch and find out how she did!

Hen With 1000th Egg
People Stories

From Zero to a Thousand; How Many Eggs Can Three Hens Lay?

Whenever we talk about collecting eggs from our hens, we talk about whether they have slowed down laying, maybe the eggs are becoming bigger or less-stable shell-wise. But do you keep track of the number of eggs your hens lay?

Eggs in Boxes
People Stories

An Eggs-traordinary Lockdown Effort!

As an Egg Club member since 2018, Monica usually sells most of her eggs to fellow volunteers at the Friends of The South West Police Heritage Trust as well as staff at the South West Heritage Trust to raise funds for the BHWT.

Hens at Festive Veg Wreath
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A Healthy Boredom Buster For Your Flock

Want to make your hens a special treat this Christmas? Join us in making a festive wreath for your hens this year, packed with yummy veg!

Leila Scobie
People Stories

Hen Hotel

Leila Scobie, one of our amazing Team Scotland volunteers shares her journey from hen welfare to creating The Happy Hen Hotel.

Hens Eating a Treat
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Homemade Flock Seed Block Recipe

Give your hens a Christmas treat with this amazing recipe for homemade Flock Seed Block. Click here to find out how to make your own!