Celebrating special hens

We all love our hens – and we also know that once in a while as a hen-owner, you come across a ‘special’ girl – one that for one reason or another really worms their way into your heart. It’s often not the prettiest member of the flock – it might be an especially brave little soldier or a real bundle of feathery mischief.

And sometimes, for a reason special to you, it’s great to be able to celebrate them and share happy memories with other folks who understand.

Some of our supporters already donate in acknowledgement of a special time/anniversary etc., and if you would like to share your happy memories of a special girl, you can send us a photo of your hen, together with up to 100 words and a donation to BHWT to Hope Chapel, Rose Ash, South Molton, Devon, EX36 4RF. Alternatively, you can click below to donate.

We’ll feature your happy memory on our website for six months, and your gift will go towards rehoming more lucky ladies – and creating more happy memories!

Read some of our supporters’ happy memories of their hens here.

Please send us your photo using the form below.

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