Chicken ring bearers leave wedding guests shell-shocked

Posted 25th October 2016 09:00am by

A pair of hens went from cage to altar when they took on the role of ring bearers at their owners’ wedding.

Blossom and Clucky, who are ex-caged chickens, even wore knitted jackets to match the bridesmaids’ dresses which contained little pockets to safeguard the rings.

The plucky pair were adopted from the British Hen Welfare Trust by Ky and Lizzie Gatherer, who are volunteers with the charity and regularly adopt bird themselves.

Ky and Lizzie, from Aldershot in Hampshire, have been together for 11 years and tied the knot on Wednesday, October 5.

Their entire day was chicken-themed, right down to their wedding cake which was made using free range eggs laid by their own hens.

Lizzie said: “People who know Ky and I know that we are a little bit wacky.  We knew people were expecting a quirky and unconventional wedding from us and some people made jokes about the girls being ring bearers.

“We decided that it would be a big surprise if the girls really were ring bearers as I think nobody thought it could be possible!”

Ky and Lizzie really went to some lengths to ensure their girls could be part of their big day, even having to ensure they had extra public liability insurance, an animal handler and a strict condition regarding the clearing up of any hen poo!

Lizzie said the girls really stole the show and took all the guests by surprise.

“The best bit about our wedding was the surprised look on everyone’s faces when our best man Mark was asked for the rings,” she said. “He patted his pockets, looked a bit dismayed and then the song “Here Come the Girls” started to play!

“Our wonderful friend Jane Marshall came through the doors, pushing a carriage which contained Blossom and Clucky, two of our BHWT girls.  They wore little knitted jackets to match the bridesmaid’s dresses and there were little pockets so that each girl had the most important job of carrying a ring for both of us! Our talented friend Ruth Brooker made the knitted jackets!”

And it seems all the attention might have gone to the girls’ heads!

“Since being ring bearers, Clucky has become a bit of a diva – she came into the house the day after the wedding to inspect all our wedding cards and also helped herself to quite a large beak-full of our wedding cake,” said Lizzie.

Ky and Lizzie first adopted hens through the BHWT on 1 April, 2012 and have been chicken mad ever since.

They now have 21 hens, but named each of the seven tables at their wedding breakfast after the first seven hens they adopted – Alice, Eve, Fhenton, Clara, Atilla the Hen, Elsie May and Squiffy.

“Our wedding was perfect, perfectly different and I am so glad we were able to share it with our girls whom we are so passionate about,” finished Lizzie.

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