Chickens for the Chop in Corrie?

Posted 15th February 2015 10:38am by

Chickens for the Chop in Corrie?

Viewers of Coronation Street will be aware of the current storyline involving the Nazir family and their hens.  Sharif, Grandfather to Zeedan and Alya, was given the hens as a gift and ever since taking delivery of the chickens has been like an expectant father awaiting his first delivery… of an egg.

But concern for the storyline is growing amongst the increasing flock of chicken enthusiasts across the country.  The British Hen Welfare Trust, a national charity that finds pet homes for approximately 50,000 ex-commercial hens each year, has been watching the soap with great interest, not least because Antony Cotton (aka Sean Tully) is one of its patrons.

Charity Founder, Jane Howorth, and a lifelong Corrie fan commented: “I love Corrie, it often shows a sophisticated blend of comedy and tragedy within a single storyline and I’m a little disappointed at the singular and negative approach to hen keeping.  Hens make the most wonderful pets, with the benefit of tasty eggs – I can’t think of another pet that offers an equal reward!  We have over 45,000 happy supporters who have helped us to home over 440,000 hens and we are hoping to find a home for our half a millionth hen in this, our celebratory 10th anniversary year. So they can’t be all that bad!”

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the story will be, but those who enjoy the delights of keeping hens will no doubt be spitting feathers if any harm comes to the Light Sussex birds featured.

There is always something eggciting going on at the British Hen Welfare Trust, to read latest news, find out about fundraising or where re-homing’s are taking place across the country visit or follow us on facebook or Twitter @BHWTofficial.