Believe it or not hens can get stressed too. A visit from a neighbour’s dog or a close shave with a fox can leave your girls extremely stressed and unsettled.

There is a simple and natural remedy you can use which will help to calm and settle them.

In the 1930s Dr Edward Bach established a series of 38 natural flower remedies which he found worked well for particular characteristics and emotional states. The remedies contain no poisonous plants and can be safely given with no fear of overdose or ill effects; they can be used individually or in combination.

The best known is Rescue Remedy.

This is a combination of five flower remedies (Rock Rose/Impatiens/Cherry Plum/Star of Bethlehem/Clematis) known to have a calming and settling influence. A couple of drops diluted in the drinking water and given for the first week after collection will help your hen to acclimatise and adjust to the transition from living in a commercial system to becoming a much-loved pet.

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