We know that the 60,000+ hens we rehome every year go on to become much-loved pets, just like the ladies pictured below. We also know that those of you that have pet hens want them to receive the same veterinary treatment as your dogs and cats. Sadly though, chickens are still classed as livestock which means they often don’t get the treatment they deserve, sometimes resulting in hens being unnecessarily put to sleep.



We think it’s time for a change to prevent more hens facing such a fate. It’s time hens are given the same status as other pets. To that end, we’re excited to introduce our Improving Pet Hen Health project which will offer grants for 16 veterinary research projects where the result will directly benefit pet hens for the long-term.

We’ve gathered some of the UK’s top avian specialists and will be working closely with them to assess each application to ensure the end result will deliver maximum benefit for hens. However, we need your help, please, in order to make this scheme a reality. Will you make a donation this Christmas to help improve the lives of pet hens all around the UK?

This is a huge undertaking, the likes of which has not been done before in relation to chickens. Our aim has always been to improve the lives of not only the hens we cannot save from slaughter, but to ensure that the ones we do rehome enjoy the best free-range retirement possible. This can only be done if they have access to adequate healthcare.

You’ve told us that you want better treatment for your hens and are willing to spend money on them, so please help us to help hens by making a donation this Christmas.