Christmas leftovers – not for your hens!

Posted 24th November 2016 10:43am by

Christmas dinner! Always far more food than anyone can eat. Personally I look forward to cold leftovers the next day, you can’t beat bubble and squeak, cold stuffing and cranberries.

It’s tempting to think that our hens can join in the festive fun but should you be scraping the leftovers from your Christmas spread into the hens feeders?  In a word no.  It is illegal. Defra has specific guidance on this which you can find here.

By law, only totally vegan households can share food from the kitchen with their flock. Hens everywhere can, however, enjoy veggies straight from the garden and hen treats produced specifically to feed to hens, but even these should be given in moderation. Hens can get fatty livers just like us and treats should be restricted to a dessert spoonful daily per hen.

Why is it breaking the law?

Little Brownie here, eyeing up the caviar, would technically be breaking the law if she tucked into this particular treat. Why? Because hens should not be exposed to high levels of non-appropriate protein and the memory of mad cow disease caused by the cross-species feeding of sheep produce to cows soon reminds of us of the importance of heeding the advice.

Remember that your hens take great delight in eating bugs and worms. Keep it simple, keep it safe.