Cockerel Adoption

If you have arranged to rehome a cockerel please make sure you follow all the current COVID-19 guidance and advice especially regarding social distancing when visiting/collecting your cockerel. Be aware that the advice could change daily and that the guidelines differ in England, Scotland and Wales. Remember to stay alert and keep everyone safe.

The British Hen Welfare Trust is not a sanctuary for poultry as we focus solely on rehoming end of lay commercial laying hens. However, we care about the boys too and know that many of you would like to help the unwanted chaps who deserve the chance to live with a group of hens, just as nature intended.

For this reason, we set up our Cockerel Lonely Hearts scheme to help the boys find their new flock. Whether you’re looking for a new cockerel, or you have a chap who needs to find a new home, our lonely hearts scheme is designed to send these lovely birds on their way to a safe and cosy coop.

If your girls are looking for a new fella, click here to browse the cockerels currently available for adoption.

If you have a chap who needs to wing his way to a new home, click here to add his details to our lonely hearts page. Please note all cockerels on this page should be homed free of charge.

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