Cockerel escapes slaughter after being found among caged hens

Posted 16th September 2016 09:00am by

A lucky cockerel found among a batch of caged hens has been named after Usain Bolt.

Usain (the cockerel) was plucked from a cage during a re-homing being carried out by the British Hen Welfare Trust in August.

The charity was at a farm taking out hundreds of hens, who were otherwise destined for slaughter, before sending them off to new loving homes in Derbyshire.

However, nestled among the hens, was a cockerel who had been keeping quiet for the past 18 months so as not to be spotted.

Cathryn McGahey, who was one of the charity’s drivers on the day, said:Thinking we would not want him, the farm staff said they could not put him back, so I put him into the back of my Land Rover.

“It was the first time that I had ever gone to a farm as a driver, so I had no experience at all of there being cockerels among the hens. I had never heard of that happening.”

Usain was whisked off by Cathryn who has since re-homed him. He is now living a cage-free life thanks to the work of the BHWT.

“We have called him Usain, in honour of Usain Bolt who completed the triple triple at the Olympics on 20 August,” said Cathryn, who has been a volunteer with the charity since the start of this year. “He is now living happily with my 31 girls. He is a large bird and in good condition. His comb is improving every day – and luckily for the neighbours, he has not yet crowed!”