Bantam Welsummer Cockerel

Breed: Bantam Welsummer

Age: 43 months

Location: Tunbridge Wells

Sadly a (not-entirely-bloodless) coup has taken place in the garden with my young rooster taking over the flock from his Dad. Sadly they haven’t settled together & my older boy is being quite badly bullied & I think it only fair he have a flock of his own to look after. He is a Bantam Welsummer, hatched approx March 2017. He is used to free ranging & not tame, but very gentle & sweet with the girls, calling them over for food or possible nest sites! He has fathered several chicks & previously integrated them quite happily into his flock. He would be very happy with a little flock of girls but probably won’t integrate happily if there are already roosters around as he is now (understandably) very wary!

Contact Details

Phone: 07952920360

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