Cockerel Adoption

Pure Breed Cockerel

Breed: Pure Breed
Size: Standard size
Age (months): 24
Town / city: Lincoln
County: Lincolnshire

He is a beautiful light sussex cockerel, hatched the summer of 2020. He is currently living free-range in 4 acres with his four light sussex hens, and he is really friendly – he comes running every time he sees me, looking for treats! Cats and small children don’t bother him at all, and I have never seen him attack anything except for our neighbour’s cat, who was fighting with our cat. He isn’t a particularly loud cockerel, and only seems to crow in response to the neighbouring cockerels crowing, and he is also non-aggressive with other birds. I bought him for breeding purposes, but unfortunately I haven’t had any fertile eggs from his flock. I’m not sure if it is his fault, or if it is a problem with the fertility of the group, but I want to replace him with a different cockerel. He is so gentle and sweet that I don’t have the heart to cull him, so I really want to find him a nice pet household, where breeding isn’t a priority. Ideally he should go somewhere free-range, as he is used to running about and foraging (his flock hardly eat any feed at all, and instead find all their food themselves). Please let me know if you are interested, he is such a lovely bird that he deserves a forever chicken home!

Contact Details

Phone: 07548932542

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