Cockerel Adoption

Pure Breed Cockerel

Breed: Hybrid
Size: Standard size
Age (months): 6
Town / city: Nr St Austell
County: Cornwall

Au Vin was abandoned on our plot some months ago. A very young and frightened young man he has tried hard to step up to his responsibilities of looking after the 6 hens we gave him, but sadly he is still not fitting in well. We believe he is a Welsummer. His hens are Bovans Brown hybrid and he doesn’t really seem to know how to look after them. He appears to get hungry / confused / panicked and starts pecking them when they come for food. This calms down considerably if he is caught and hand fed. He has been know to have a go at customers, but fortunately is not big enough (or confident enough) to do any real harm. He comes across as a confused and lost youth. We have persevered with him, but now the other cockerels have decided that they want his girls. I think for Au Vin’s sake he possibly needs a larger flock with more space, or a more individual existence. I think he would be a loving and lovely cockerel if he can just work out who he is and what he wants from life – and chill a bit.

Contact Details

Phone: 07963486041

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