Cockerel Adoption

Pure Breed Cockerels

Breed: Pure Breed
Size: Standard size
Age (months): 60
Town / city: Southridge
County: Hertfordshire

The lads are approx. 5 years old, they might be small but let us assure you they are power packed. They are the sopranos of the crowers and every time we hear them crowing it makes us smile.

Their size is the only thing that is small about them, their personalities are huge.

They are true comics, and they are absolutely lovely to handle, they have never been anything but gentle and sweet.

They are looking for a home separately but with some other hens that they can take under their small but perfectly formed wings. Alternatively, without other hens the can be rehomed as a pair.

Charlie is the most confident of the pair of cockerels. He is a very attractive cockerel and he knows it! With tones of personality who would love some hen friends to keep him company.

Shay is the more relaxed of the two cockerels but one is not seen without the other as neither of them currently have any of their own hens to look after, they generally stick together!

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