Pure Breed Cockerels

Breed: Pure Breed

Size: Bantam

Age (months): 36

Town / city: Colwall

County: Herefordshire

We have three cockerels, all lovely bantams that my eight-year-old helped rear, they are very much loved and it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to re-home two of them however we want them to free-range and unfortunately they have all started fighting if they are all out at the same time. The two that need new homes are Coco and Moonshine, they are sweet-natured, if you can catch Coco you will get cuddles but Moonshine is less affectionate but still lovely.

This listing is for Moonshine, Coco is listed separately. We want them to go to separate homes where they can free-range full time, somewhere where they will be loved and well cared for as family pets. Yours Hopefully, Layla.

Contact Details

Phone: 01684541403

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