Crisis in the USA impacts BHWT Hens

Posted 25th June 2015 03:02pm by

It’s always fascinated me that the humble egg can have such far reaching influence.  Currently the United States is coping with its worst avian flu crisis, having lost a staggering 10% of its flock since January, that’s around 35 million laying hens or put another way the same number as the entire British laying flock.

The impact on us and our hens up for adoption is that one of our biggest UK producers is now exporting eggs to fill the increasing gap in the US, with the net result that our hens are having to work a little longer before they can retire.  We will be getting them though, and that’s the important part.

Our farmers work so hard to maintain high bio-security; the situation in the States is a timely reminder of how important it is for us as a charity, and as individual hen keepers, to take our good flock management responsibilities seriously too.