Here at the BHWT we save the lives of tens of thousands of ex-commercial hens every year, raise awareness of hen welfare, educate the public and encourage people to view hens as pets, rather than food producing animals. But we can only help hens through the generosity of supporters like you, who give both their time and money to help change the future of farming.

Here are two of the simplest ways to give today. Perhaps you would consider a regular Direct Debit, or leaving a gift in your Will?  Both of these help us to plan for the free-range future our founder Jane envisioned when she began the charity.

There are many more ways to donate, such as sponsoring a hen (particularly if you don’t have space to rehome a hen yourself) or you may wish to fundraise for the charity. If you would like any further information about helping our girls find their perfect pet homes, please email fundraise@bhwt.co.uk.