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Your kind donation will help thousands of hens today, tomorrow and in the future.


How your donations will help

Please consider giving a donation today to contribute directly towards helping hens live longer, happier lives. Here at the BHWT, we believe all hens should feel the warm sun on their wings and the green grass under their feet.

Your generosity truly can make a difference, helping us to continue our life-saving work by funding new initiatives like Improving Pet Hen Health, a movement to better the veterinary industry and improve knowledge of hen health. We have also developed an educational programme providing resources to schools in order to help pupils explore the connections between food, farming and animal welfare.

In the past, your donations have helped to build the 250 square-metre contemporary building known as Hen Central which offers a state-of-the-art rehoming centre, as well as provides space for educational talks and demonstrations.

We are also close to opening our fully-equipped veterinary clinic to treat any hen which requires extra care and attention.

It’s no secret, hens are at the heart of everything that we do at the BHWT. To save and improve the lives of those hens long into the future, so thank you for choosing to support us.

Don’t want to donate online? Please make cheques payable to British Hen Welfare Trust and send to Hope Chapel, Rose Ash, South Molton, Devon, EX36 4RF. Or give our fundraising team a call on 01884 860084 and we’ll happily take your donation over the phone.

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