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Will you give the gift of life this Christmas?

Christmas is a time for giving, and we’ve got the perfect gift idea for 2023 – it doesn’t involve single-use plastic or batteries and will have much more impact than a physical gift.

Christmas Appeal 2023 image 1

This year alone we have rehomed more than 50,000 hens, and each one is now enjoying a free-range retirement for the price of a pack of Christmas cards – that’s just £6 to save a hen’s life.

So, this Christmas, we’re asking if you would consider swapping out a few of your festive purchases and using that money to save a life or two instead?

Try switching wrapping paper and ribbon for brown paper and string, shop-bought wreaths for homemade alternatives, mince pies for freshly baked cupcakes, and then make a one-off donation to save the lives of hens.

You can even use our Christmas e-message in place of costly Christmas cards.
Send to as many recipients as you like; you'll save on postage too!

But why? What difference will your money make?

Meet Hedwig. While she looks beautiful now, her full feathers are a far cry from how she looked a year ago.

Whilst the vast majority of hens emerge healthy but tatty, Hedwig arrived sporting an unsightly lump on her head and barely a feather to her name.

Thankfully, Hedwig’s lump disappeared over time, and prickles soon transformed into glossy plumage. She’s a lucky hen we managed to reach and offer a second chance to, but there are so many like her whose stories will never be told.

By donating to us this Christmas, you’ll be giving hens like Hedwig a second chance.

Hedwig before and after
Christmas Swaps image 1

Our top festive swaps

With money already tight for many of us this year, getting creative at Christmas could not only save you cash but lives too, and there are so many ways to get involved.

Instead of paying loads for shop-bought crackers, how about getting crafty and making your own? That way you can personalise them and pop a little something inside that means more to the person using it.

Or increase the feel-good festive factor by asking whoever’s coming to dinner to bring a dish – you spread the cost of the food shop AND have a little leftover to save a life or two.

If you’re after a creative activity to keep the kids busy over Christmas, head out and find some pinecones and greenery and make your own decorations such as wreaths.

If you’ve already done the cost-saving bit and want to make your donation, simply click below, and thank you for whatever you can give.

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Ask a friend to help a hen too

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