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Hen Helpline appeal

Our Hen Helpline makes a difference to the lives of pet hens everywhere.

With your support we can help even more hens to stay happy and healthy.

Quiet Hen in Group

Why we need your support

In the first five months of 2022, we responded to almost 800 enquiries for everything from eye problems and fractured legs to animal attacks and bullying.

That’s 800 hens who didn’t have to wait for a veterinary appointment and who were spared the stress of being taken out of their home and transported to a practice where they may be surrounded by other animals.

Instead, their keeper can be given advice, guidance, and reassurance from people who know more than a thing or two about caring for sick hens, while cuddling their pet hen on their lap.

To keep operating this free service costs us over £2,000 every month.

How we will use your donations

To meet the increasingly high demand for our Hen Helpline, we plan to widen the scope of our service and offer even more support to hens in need.

But we can’t do that without you.

With your donations we could recruit someone with veterinary knowledge to help us respond to even more Hen Helpline enquiries.

We could also provide help in new ways and create resources that can be available 24/7, such as by building an online hen health video series.

Laura Roberts Hen Helpline
Raymond McIlreavy Hen

Our Hen Helpline was there when Hope was struggling to swallow and breathe

“It was a scary time for me and my hen so I was glad there was someone I could turn to. I contacted the Hen Helpline as the vets weren’t open and I needed advice quickly.

“It was extremely reassuring to get such a quick response and to know there was somewhere I can access from home. I also had a follow-up call from the helpline to see how my hen was doing, which shows the compassion of the people answering the calls.

“This is such an important service, whether someone needs general advice or has a specific health worry, especially at weekends and times when vets may not be open or it’s difficult to get an appointment.”

We provided valuable advice and reassurance when Gertie suffered an eye problem

“I have found the BHWT Hen Helpline really helpful and comforting when I needed advice. It’s so reassuring to feel instantly supported by like-minded, caring, and compassionate people who adore and value hens as much as I do.

“Gertie is now doing well, and I have great peace of mind knowing that there’s someone at the end of the end of the phone if she ever needs help again.”

gertie eye problem

Don’t want to donate online? Please make cheques payable to British Hen Welfare Trust and send to Hope Chapel, Rose Ash, South Molton, Devon, EX36 4RF. Or give our fundraising team a call on 01884 860084 and we’ll happily take your donation over the phone.