Thank you to all our amazing Hen Heroes!

Thank you all for your donations, your generosity is appreciated!

Your kindness means the difference between life and death for lots of gorgeous hens now and in the future. Before they were collected by our rehomers, these hens would have never felt fresh air through their feathers or tasted grass. Now, thanks to people like you, they’re happily creating chaos in back gardens across the country – we hope you’re as pleased for them as we are!

Your money also means we can continue pioneering work improving the care hens receive in veterinary surgeries. On top of that, our Education Programme can grow, with more of our volunteers taking their hens into schools to introduce children to the wonderful world of chickens (and how best to improve their welfare).

Combined, these projects mean even more people are discovering the joys of keeping hens as pets, and thinking carefully about the eggs they buy when shopping.


Tom Scattergood

£5.27 14th June, 2021

Thank you for all your hard work in helping these lovely creatures

Fred Tilley

£30.00 14th June, 2021

Becky Thomas

£5.27 13th June, 2021

Femi Salawu

£20.00 12th June, 2021

Toni Swann

£2.00 12th June, 2021

Marilyn Pocock

£10.34 12th June, 2021

Andrew Kirby

£5.00 12th June, 2021

Marilyn Heginbotham

£25.00 11th June, 2021

Kate Coyle

£10.34 11th June, 2021

Membership number EC00224.

Sue Copperwheat

£5.27 11th June, 2021

I spoke to a lovely person on your advice line recently and she was really helpful. Thanks very much for the great advice and info!

Amanda Tomkinson

£25.56 11th June, 2021

Claire Ivy

£50.91 10th June, 2021

Rhiannon Pring

£5.27 10th June, 2021

Alena Wise

£5.27 9th June, 2021

Amanda Garlick

£5.00 9th June, 2021

Andrew Kirby

£20.00 9th June, 2021

Mary O'Connor

£20.49 8th June, 2021

John Eyers

£45.84 8th June, 2021

Mimi Baker

£20.00 8th June, 2021

Mark Evers

£5.27 8th June, 2021

Anne Kent

£20.00 7th June, 2021

Rebecca Davies

£10.00 7th June, 2021

Kathryn Joules

£5.27 6th June, 2021

Sandra Barry

£5.27 6th June, 2021

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