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Payroll Giving helps hens

How does Payroll Giving work?

Did you know you can help hens directly through your salary and make your money go further?

Payroll Giving, also known as Workplace Giving or Give as you Earn, is an easy way to make regular donations every month without lifting a finger.

Once in place, these donations are deducted before tax which means that it costs you less to help our hens!

If you’re a 20% UK taxpayer, every £1 you donate will only cost you 80p, and if you’re taxed at a higher rate, it will cost you even less.

You donate...

It costs a standard rate (20%) tax payer

It costs a higher rate (40%) tax payer










Because Payroll Giving comes straight from your pre-tax pay, we don’t need to claim Gift Aid either, so fewer admin costs for us and more money for our hens, hurray!

Setting up Payroll Giving

Setting up Payroll Giving couldn’t be easier. Simply contact your payroll department directly and just let them know you would like to set up a regular donation to us. You can also donate effectively with one-off donations.

If your company operates a Payroll Giving scheme you will soon begin to see the pre-tax amount deducted from your payslips.

If they do not already have a scheme in place there are several third party agencies who will operate this for them. Your employer is welcome to contact us for more information and guidance.

“I’ve donated to BHWT and other charities through payroll giving as it’s really easy to do. Firstly, it comes directly out of your salary so you don’t have to remember to donate each month, and because it’s deducted before tax, you don’t pay tax on it, which means you can give that bit more, or afford to donate when times are tough, like right now. It’s a really efficient way to give more to the charities you support.”

How Payroll Giving helps our hens

Regular donations through Payroll Giving help us budget and plan, so we can continue to rehome ex-commercial hens and have a positive impact on hen welfare well into the future.

For any questions about Payroll Giving, please contact our fundraising team via