eBay – 24 hours in the life of a fundraiser

Posted 5th September 2016 03:26pm by

Several months ago we had a day in the life of Regional Volunteer Community Fundraiser Megan Whiteman who runs an eBay shop. She has raised an astonishing £16,000 for the BHWT to date. Here’s another slice of charity life detailing a thrilling 24 hours, from 10.30am on Sunday to 10.30am on Monday, to show you just how fun it can be!

My boyfriend Grahame is due to arrive. As usual, I have no time to greet him. We’re making a flash sale on an £18 cat tree that’s only been on eBay for less than a day! The supporter wants to collect the very same afternoon, so that arranged, I have a brief but relaxing walk in the park.

When we get back, our neighbour Margaret comes running up to us. “Help, my husband’s stuck in the car, it’s loaded with donations!” she said. Abandoning lunch, we find seven huge bags and one massive box of soft toys waiting to be sorted. We struggle to get those indoors in time to arrange the cat tree, which gets faithfully packed off to another corner of Warwickshire, with pieces of it being carted up and down the street.

Looking at the incredible stack of donations filling up the kitchen, Grahame announces I’ll need two stock rooms at his new house. One just won’t be enough!

The afternoon doesn’t slow down. A Frecycle message drops through to my inbox. A lovely lady has collected four black bags full of toys, clothes and shoes for our eBay store. Dad steps up to the challenge and goes to collect those on another Mapquest journey.

Waving goodbye to boyfriend, it’s time to catch up on listing – there’s so much stock! Thank goodness dinner is easy as it gives me time to start cataloguing everything. At least there’s more room – we fill up the space where the cat tree was with soft toys!

Work finally finishes at 11pm. I collapse into bed…and what greets me on the door mat when the post arrives the next morning at 10:30am? BHWT leaflets and stickers, well timed Corinne, it’s Monday dispatches next!