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BHWT would like to support all the wonderful parents and teachers working hard to educate children in their care during this difficult time. We have created a range of fun and accessible activities which can be found at the Education During COVID-19 page below.

We believe all children should grow up learning to respect and care for animals; big or small, feathery or scaly, wild or domesticated. This is why we offer a range of free, curriculum-linked outreach workshops to schools and youth groups across the UK, as well as a range of fantastic free resources and lesson plans to deliver your own sessions.

Through our sessions and lesson plans, children can learn about animal welfare, food and farming, whilst looking through the eyes of the humble hen. Children will gain the knowledge and skills which allow them to make food choices that are healthy for both themselves and for farmed animals.

By teaching children early in the education how their choices can upon impact animals’ welfare, we can create a kinder and more compassionate generation, which in turn will improve the lives of pets, livestock and wildlife in the future.

“It was appropriate for our school as we have chickens and the children are actively involved in looking after them. The children loved the workshop and were keen to share how they looked after the school hens.”
Claire Brown, Class Teacher, Ladysmith Junior School
“Everyone in the group thoroughly enjoyed the talk, they found it very interesting and had lots of questions. They interacted with it very well and the speaker was very understanding and had the necessary skills to work well with the group.”
Christine Gill, Community Development Lead, GroOrganic C.I.C
“I would just like to thank you for organising and delivering such an exciting workshop for the children. The children are already producing some amazing work based on the workshop. We have a number of reluctant writers who are currently writing multiple sentences about how the workshop made them feel.”
Lisa Endersby, Class Teacher, Compass Primary Academy
“We would love to have you again in the future. This workshop really supported our topic of ‘Animals’ and ‘Animals Including Humans’ in Science.”
Matt Howes, Class Teacher, St Agnes ACE Academy
“Really enjoyed the workshop. Filled with interesting information for the children and us adults!”
Amy Parkin, Class Teacher, Ide Primary School

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