FAB £10 anonymous donation, signed Daniel W

Posted 21st May 2015 10:05am by

Earlier this year we received a FAB £10 anonymous donation, signed simply Daniel W, and because we like to send a personal thank you to everyone who donates, it was important that we found Daniel.

Katy, our social media wiz, posted a photo of Daniel’s letter along with a message explaining why we were looking for him, and as luck would have it Daniel’s Mum – an avid BHWT supporter on Facebook – got in touch and we were able to acknowledge Daniel’s kindness!

Ten year old Daniel Webber and his mum rescued three ex-battery hens for the first time last year from our one of our many Hen Collections. Dan soon developed a strong bond with his hens, even writing stories about the girls, one of which he entered into the Radio Two, Chris Evans, ‘500 words competition’ coming in the top 25 for his age group for ‘The Secret Agent Chicken’!

… and the moral of our story?  Always say thank you!