We went waaay across the pond for this Flying the British Egg Flag feature.  Farmer Brown’s Eggs is a family business producing free-range eggs in Australia on a 20-hectare site where their girls are free to roam to their hearts’ content.

The Brown family pride themselves on their sustainable production methods including recycling food waste to reduce landfill and only delivering their eggs within their local area to cut down on food miles.

Hens at Farmer Brown’s are actively encouraged to lay eggs of all shapes and sizes, and no egg is thrown away, as Greg Palethorpe, confirms: “Unlike industrialised systems that discard ‘non-perfect’ shaped and coloured eggs, we do not. We believe this is a large waste for the sake of identical looking eggs, and we liken it selecting people based on a ‘perfect’ look – it would make a pretty boring world!”

In addition, as the hens are not limited to a formulated feed, their eggs differ in colour due to their varied diet, plus they are free to forage meaning their diet naturally changes due to the seasons and the weather.

We don’t know about you, but we think it sounds like a pretty good life – in fact, we’re thinking of heading over to Australia for a visit. Who’s coming?!

If you know of a free-range farm doing great thinks for hen welfare who you think deserves the spotlight please email Francesca.mapp@bhwt.co.uk

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