Feathered assistants inspire workshop flock

Posted 30th November 2017 04:19pm by

A funky furniture workshop based in Buxton has recently taken on some new feathered assistants.

More Care Design Collective provides 1-1 learning workshop sessions for people who suffer from learning difficulties and require personal care. The group currently consists of nine adults who now work alongside adopted ex-commercial hens Betty and Sweet Pea, re-homed from the British Hen Welfare Trust in Ashbourne in July.

The henspired members spend their time in the workshop fabricating funky furniture and the girls can’t help but get involved and test out their new designs.

Sarah Brindley, the founder of More Care Design Collective, told us: “The BHWT ladies have adapted brilliantly to their new home, seeing new faces and the sounds of machines that are used. It is their home and so they are treated with equal status and able to get on with their business in and out of the workshop.”

Sarah, with the support of local residential home Moore Care, formed the group in 2013 and works with each of its members individually to form inspiring furniture designs.

Sarah explained: “Whilst all of our members have learning difficulties, they all demonstrate a great capacity for creativity and a willingness to learn new skills in art and design.

“Most have learned whilst on the job and each member has brought their own interests and skills which are channelled to form their own individual projects. Some pieces of furniture have taken up to 2 years to produce which demonstrates their commitment.”

Betty and Sweet Pea have become much-loved additions to the group having made its members feel more comfortable and given them a confidence boost.

Sarah added: “Sweet Pea was at home straight away and is certainly the most communicative hen whilst Betty is the expert sunbather and head hen. The girls have become great companions and we love the way they take themselves to bed each evening without fail.

“They respond to their names, come when called and also love a cuddle and snooze. They have become such a great addition to the workshop and to my life.”

The British Hen Welfare Trust is well-known for its pioneering work in re-homing commercial laying hens and, through its nationwide team of 500+ volunteers, has found pet homes for more than 600,000 hens since hatching in 2005. As well as finding homes for hens, the charity also educates the public on how they can make a difference to hen welfare through their shopping basket and eating habits.

The charity will next be re-homing in Ashbourne on Saturday, 14 October. Anyone interested in giving a few down-on-their-cluck hens a second chance is urged to register online via www.bhwt.og.uk and call the charity’s re-homing team at Hen Central on 01884 860084, or email hens@bhwt.co.uk.

If you are unable to re-home but would like to support the charity please contact fundraise@bhwt.co.uk or visit www.bhwt.org.uk to find out more ways to get involved. To find out more about More Care Design Collective you can visit www.facebook.com/mcdcbuxton.