Flip a Free Range Friday

Posted 20th February 2017 09:00am by

Pancake Day is fast approaching and the British Hen Welfare Trust is encouraging the nation to Flip Free Range pancakes across the country between 24 and 28 February.

Better still, inviting friends and family to eat delicious free range pancakes and asking for a small donation to help the charity could put you in with the chance of winning a crepe maker courtesy of Lakeland!

Feeling adventurous? There are many delicious recipes to try such as luxurious buttermilk pancakes with chocolate sauce, fluffy American pancakes and even squash pancakes if you fancy something savoury! There’s plenty of time to prepare yourself; just don’t let the day crêpe up on you! Visit the BHWT website for more pancake inspiration.

Francesca Taffs, Communications & Marketing Officer at the Trust, said: “We want Pancake Day to be about celebrating the wonderful ingredients which go into them as well as eating them! Please buy free range eggs this Pancake Day and also be aware that eggs are also used in processed products such as pre-bought pancake mix. As a general rule, if it doesn’t say free range in the ingredients then the eggs used in those products will be from caged hens.

 “Thank you to everyone who has fundraised for us so far and if you haven’t already done so then now is the perfect time – what could be easier than eating hot, fluffy pancakes in order to save the lives of more hens?!”

 To order your FREE fundraising pack please email fundraise@bhwt.co.uk or call the charity at Hen Central on 01884 860084. More information can also be found on www.bhwt.org.uk and through the charity’s social media channels.