France & Germany leading the way

Posted 28th August 2015 03:00pm by

A total of 36 members of the French government from all sides are seeking an end to the practice of killing male layer chicks.  They are instead asking for regulations to be introduced to ensure sex determination in the egg, preventing the need to let male chicks hatch simply to be killed.

Germany has announced their intention to eliminate male chick killing by 2017 and provided extra funding to allow researchers to speed up the sex determination technology and bring it into practice.

Whether considering from a commercial viewpoint or welfare stand, it’s an issue that needs resolving across the globe – fast.

In March this year the focus was on chick-sexers in the UK, who appear to be rather in short supply despite the salary of £40,000 being offered. All male layer chicks in the UK are humanely gassed, but I sincerely hope the UK egg inudstry is not far behind its French and German counterparts in resolving this issue in a more welfare friendly manner.