Free Range Friday Food for thought…

Posted 22nd October 2015 05:04pm by

Free Range Friday Food for thought…

Did you know that fresh eggs raise the levels of protein and other nutrients in a family’s diet?

What better reason to spread the free range egg love, and share your delicious egg recipes with friends and family?

By asking for a small donation to the BHWT in return for your delicious dishes, you will also be helping to save the lives of many more loveable ladies!

Our aim with Free Range Friday is to spread the word so that the whole nation actively chooses and enjoys free range eggs.

If you would like to inspire others to think about where the eggs in their food have come from, whilst raising funds and awareness to support the work of the charity, why not support out Free Range Friday campaign?

To order your Free Range Friday fundraising pack please email or call 01884 860084. Packs are provided which include all the materials you need to get you started: invitation cards, posters, stickers and a handy guide full of ideas of how to make your event a success.