Free Range Friday greetings from Hamburg

Posted 1st July 2016 10:50am by

We just had to highlight a recent Free Range Friday held by the wonderful Yvonne Brunotte – you’ll understand why when you see the gorgeous photos.

Yvonne put on a Royal-Tea and Chari-Tea in her home city of Hamburg to coincide with the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations, and raised £350 for the BHWT!

She came up with some novel ideas for her party including a teapot tombola and awards for the best dressed guest.

Yvonne’s house was decorated to perfection – this Union Jack bunting, perfectly mowed lawns and cardboard Corgie cut-outs – even the dogs were dressed up with neckerchiefs!

She said: ” Personally, I am overwhelmed and deeply moved by this success, even more so as fundraising in general, but private fundraising in particular doesn’t have a history and tradition in Germany at all and is still widely unknown.

“Especially things like tombolas or raffles at private events are completely uncommon and I thought it to be quite a risk to introduce this additional fundraising tool, but it was a huge success.

“My personal sense of achievement is not only about the raised money, but more about the fact I have created much more awareness and have inspired and motivated many people to fundraise themselves.”

Thank you so much Yvonne!

If you’d like to hold your own Free Range Friday email for a free pack.