Free Range Friday Uncovered!

Posted 14th January 2016 04:30pm by

With the impending arrival of our 500,000th hen Dee almost upon us, we would like to gather as much support as possible for our Free Range Friday campaign to help even more hens experience a free range lifestyle in 2016!

Whilst the immediate aim of Free Range Friday is to enjoy yummy food containing free range eggs with your friends and family, our vision for the campaign runs even deeper.

For the BHWT, Free Range Friday aims to extend our message about supporting British farmers and the importance of choosing free range eggs, not just to people who like hens, but more widely to people who like eggs!  The campaign encourages people to think about where the eggs in their food come from, and to get together to enjoy free range eggs in all their guises, whilst raising funds to support the work of the charity.

If you would like to make a difference to hen welfare, why not help us by spreading the word about our Free Range Friday campaign further?

Please contact Fiona Lockwood at or call 01884 860084 to order your free fundraising pack, which includes all the materials you need to get started.