From cage to castle – hen trio get their fairy tale ending

Posted 25th November 2016 09:00am by

Three lucky hens are experiencing their own magical fairy tale after being re-homed by Marlene Gray during a collection carried out by the British Hen Welfare Trust in Gateshead.

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, named after the iconic characters from Sleeping Beauty, were once destined for slaughter but have now been transformed from ex-caged hens into free range fairies enjoying life in their new kingdom.

Marlene said: “These are my first hens whom I adopted in August. My daughter is a huge Disney fan so we named them with a Disney theme. They settled into their new life surprisingly quickly and within a couple of days had bonded with each other and so now walk around as a threesome.”

“I adore having them and no matter what sort of day I’m having they instantly calm and revive. All seems right with the world when they come running over to greet me.”

The British Hen Welfare Trust is well-known for its pioneering work in re-homing commercial laying hens and through its nationwide team of 450+ volunteers has found homes for more than 550,000 hens since hatching in 2005. As well as finding homes for hens, the charity also educates the public on how they can make a difference to hen welfare through their shopping basket and eating habits.