All Cooped Up

Welcome to the All Cooped Up challenge, where we ask you to stay in your chicken coop for as long as you can to raise money and awareness for our beloved hens, and help more of them to enjoy the pleasures of a free-range retirement in happy pet homes.

Easy peasy, simple pimple? We’ll let you be the judge of that!

Taking part is definitely easy! There are five steps:

  1. Choose when, and who will be taking part (remember, someone in the household will need to remain ‘uncooped’ to deliver much-needed snacks!)
  2. Set up a JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving page (more links below) explaining your challenge and why you think raising funds and awareness for hen welfare is so important.
  3. Share this page far and wide on social media and via email to start collecting donations. You can even share with your local news desk for a bit of extra publicity – contact us if you need help!
  4. Get into your chicken coop on the designated day, and stay put for however long you chose.
  5. Lastly, please share pics and stories of your time All Cooped Up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (if you use them) #allcoopedup
Here's Lucy in her chicken coop!

Raise funds through JustGiving

Raise funds through Virgin Money Giving

If you would like any help, or need any further information please email us at


  • Comfort breaks are allowed
  • Refreshments must be delivered (make sure your hands are super clean!)
  • We politely ask that you do not lock your coop during this challenge

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