Hen on Lawnmower

Ah, the Pleasure in Admiring a Lush Green Lawn in the Summer

A shame then that hens love nothing more than converting your pride and joy into a patch of bare mud with dust bathing craters for good measure.

Because of their insistence on ‘helping’ we know some hen keepers restrict access allowing grass to be fed, watered and mown to perfection but in turn leaving the temptation to tip rich grass clippings into the coop for your hens to enjoy. After all what could be more natural?

However, whilst your hens will love to gorge on this feast it is likely to cause problems, making them ill and in extreme cases causing death. Our Hen Helpline has received several calls recently for exactly this reason.

So why is this a problem when we all know hens routinely eat grass? In short, hens naturally crop a small piece of each grass blade at a time in tiny amounts and fresh grass clippings are simply too tempting to gorge on but also too rich and can quickly cause diarrhoea and crop impaction.

If you want to treat your hens, allow only a very small handful of grass clippings (approximately 1 teaspoon of clippings per hen) to dry out thoroughly and scatter them in the run so they are shared evenly.

Finally, it goes without saying that you should never use grass clippings if you have treated your grass with herbicides, pesticides or lawn feed.

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