Boredom Busters For Hens!

Just like us, hens get bored quickly if they don’t have stimulation. They love new ideas, games and activities, so here are just a few to keep them hentertained. Get in touch and let us know if you’ve tried anything we haven’t mentioned here! Email us at

  • Hang up treat dispensers so your girls can help themselves whenever they fancy. There are lots of great nutritional treat products available for your hens.
  • Cabbages, sweet potatoes or other veg can be hung up with a piece of string through the middle which your hens will enjoy. Just make sure you take it straight from shop to coop, avoiding your kitchen (feeding kitchen scraps to hens is illegal).
  • Hang up a CD – hens love shiny things much like budgies like mirrors.
  • Empty small plastic bottles filled with corn will keep your girls entertained for house. Simply puncture a few holes in it so that the corn can fall out as they move it around.
  • Hay / straw – if you have a big enough area pop a bale inside the coop. The hens will then have something to jump on and off. They may pluck the straw out too which will give them scratching material.  If you have a smaller area put some straw inside a hay net so your girls can peck to while away the hours. However, please be aware that some hens may eat more straw than is good for them, so keep an eye on this and remove if you are in any doubt.

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