Keeping Your Hens Cool

When the weather heats up, so do your hens, so it’s important to keep them as chilled as possible. There are several steps you can take to achieve this including:

  • Ensure access to fresh, cool water at all times. Replenish twice a day if it gets warm.
  • Your hens will need a shady area to cool down in during the hot midday sun. An area underneath their hen house, if this is raised, is ideal.
  • Provide dust bathing spots for your hens – they like to get ‘clean’ when the weather is warm.
  • Ensure your hen house is well ventilated during the night – use wire mesh across windows if you’re worried about predators entering.
  • Remember to treat for red mite! The bane of all hen keepers, these little critters will undoubtedly make an appearance over the summer months. Use a powder such as diatomaceous earth and a disinfectant spray to keep them under control.
  • If you’ve just re-homed some feather bare girls remember they may need suncream on bald patches, just like us!
  • Finally, your girls will go crazy for some sweetcorn or melon frozen inside an ice cube as a tasty treat! Just make sure the sweetcorn has been cooked properly before freezing:

If you have any concerns at all be sure to call us on 01884 860084.

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