red mite

Red Mite

It’s that time of year again… Red Mite season! An easy way to tell if you have a Red Mite problem in your coop is to place a small square of towelling material in the corner of your nest boxes or over the end of a perch. Red Mite will hide in the folds thinking that they cannot be seen, over night the Mites will hide among the towelling turning it a reddish colour.

A safe and effective method of treatment for Red Mite is Diatomaceous Earth Powder. This powder contains silicates which damage the waxy cuticle on the mite’s surface, allowing them to dehydrate and die. It is entirely safe for both owners and their birds, and the mites die within three days of its application. Use it in the coop and on the birds weekly, especially during the warmer months, and ensure you change all bedding in the house. Red Mites don’t like living on people, but they will crawl on to your skin while cleaning etc. and can cause itching.

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