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Do you have too many eggs? Join our Egg Club! It's a fun way to raise funds!


Over the years we noticed that some of our adopters raised funds for us by giving away their hens’ eggs and donating the proceeds to us. It was a perfect giving circle: Hens helping hens. We loved this idea so much that we formally launched the British Hen Welfare Trust Egg Club in 2018.

Egg Club donations go towards supporting the work we do:

Through this work we have been able to influence how hens are treated both commercially and domestically by collaborating with DEFRA and veterinary institutions alike.
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The egg club is the perfect answer to what to do with the eggs from my rescue girls. My neighbours and friends are happy that they can meet the girls, see how well cared for they are, and they love knowing that the money they give for the eggs goes straight back to helping other hens get their well deserved retirement. A win for the chickens and the humans alike.

Everyone is so interested in my girls and their transformation and it gives me the added opportunity to talk about the charity. I've even had people leaving me hand painted/decorated egg boxes to put the eggs in. If you have chickens and surplus eggs join "Egg Club" and give something back! I really recommend it!

When you join the BHWT Egg Club you and your feathery friends will be helping to ensure millions of laying hens continue to have a voice and a champion – you will be helping us put hen welfare first.

How do I get started?

All you need to get started is a good supply of egg boxes and a table or structure with an “honesty box/tin/jar” to collect your supporters’ donations. We’ll take care of the rest and send you an Egg Club marketing pack which includes the BHWT Egg Club-branded materials to help you spread the word!

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Here are a few other benefits you can opt-in to when you join Egg Club…

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Please note that by agreeing to this BHWT accept no liability for any issues that may arise from your participation in the Egg Club.  We will not publish your exact address but will show an approximate location with an egg symbol to allow people to locate the general vicinity of your Egg Club. We will also include your email and phone number (whichever you provide us with) so that they can contact you to find out how to reach you.


Thank you to Allen & Page, one of our longstanding corporate partners,
who’ve kindly sponsored our new Egg Club packs.