Egg Clubs

Looking for local, free-range eggs?

Why not buy them from our official BHWT Egg Club members?

When you buy eggs from our Egg Club members your money is donated back to the BHWT!
Hens laying eggs to help hens… what a wonderful idea!
Egg Club Logo

Take a look at our interactive map below to see if there’s an Egg Club member in your local area! For exact locations we’ve provided our member’s contact details.

Are you a BHWT Egg Club member? Do you want to be added to the map? Contact us and let us know if you would like to be included on the map. We will not publish your exact address but will show an approximate location with an egg symbol to allow people to locate the general vicinity of your Egg Club. We will also include your email and phone number (whichever you provide us with) so that they can contact you to find out how to reach you.

Please note that by agreeing to this BHWT accept no liability for any issues that may arise from your participation in the Egg Club, and that you join the Club, supply Eggs and agree to share your approximate location at your own risk.

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