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"The egg club is the perfect answer to what to do with the eggs from my rescue girls. My neighbours and friends are happy that they can meet the girls, see how well cared for they are, and they love knowing the money they give for their eggs goes straight back to helping other hens get their well deserved retirement. A win for chickens and humans alike!"
Jade Hughes, Solihull
"Everyone is so interested in my girls and their transformation over the year and it gives me lots of opportunities to talk about all that the charity do. I’ve even had people leaving hand painted/decorated egg boxes to put my eggs into. If you have chickens and some surplus eggs - form an “Egg Club” and give something back - I really recommend it. Posey, Penny & Patsy are so glad that we did."
Tor Roylance, Derbyshire
"Knowing they come from happy hens who are well looked after is my primary reason for buying them, along with the money going to the hen charity. "
Supporter of Abby Gregory's Egg Club

A plan is hatched!

Over the years our wonderful rehomers have taken it upon themselves to raise funds for us by selling their hens’ eggs and donating the proceeds back to us. We thought this was a great idea and so Egg Club was hatched!

2020 has seen a huge increase in hen-keeping, and because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to join the “Club” we have developed fun fundraising pack. It has everything to get you started including branded labels for your egg boxes and other handy tips. And donating your helpful hens’ egg funds couldn’t be easier, as we are now accepting donations online!

To join our Egg Club, and receive our fundraising pack, please register below.

And while you’re waiting for your pack to arrive, you can start collecting egg boxes, or if you prefer, order some of your own here. Don’t forget to think up a fun and catchy name for your new fundraising adventure, like Cindy’s Cheerful Chicks, Dane’s Hill Dames and Evie’s Mrs Lovelihugs!

Thank you for registering! If you have any questions please call us on 01884 860084 or email

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Here are some simple steps to get you started

SPECIAL NOTE: Anyone with more than 50 hens needs to be registered with DEFRA and cannot legally sell eggs to the public.
Evie Walker

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