Sponsor a Hen

Sponsor a hen and help save many more hens from slaughter

When you get involved and sponsor a BHWT hen you will be raising vital funds for the BHWT, funds that will enable us to continue giving a free-range future to many thousands of hens a year. We will send you a beautiful welcome pack with lots of fun facts about chickens, a photograph of your chosen hen, a certificate of adoption and lots more lovely goodies. We will also update you three times a year on how your hen is getting on in her new home!

Sponsorship is a simple way to support the BHWT and for as little as £4 a month or £48 a year you’ll get to know your new feathered friend by following her journey into new found freedom and be a part of an exciting movement of change within the British egg industry and beyond.

Know someone who’s hen-crazy? You can gift a sponsorship to a friend or loved one who loves hens too. Imagine how good it feels to know that you’re helping a chicken live her best retirement life while giving the sponsorship as a gift. It’s definitely a gift that keeps on giving!

sponsor a hen sponsorship pack

The perfect pack for you...

When you sign up for Sponsor a Hen you can choose from three options as to how we send your pack; postal, digital or digital plus. By choosing from the table below you can decide which pack is right for you. If you would like to be more sustainable to the planet whilst giving a higher percentage of your donation to the BHWT, you can choose to keep your pack digital!

Still want to receive some goodies in the post? Then our Digital Plus pack is the one for you, allowing you to receive most of your pack in a digital form whilst still getting a printed photograph, BHWT postcard and other goodies.

Or, if you would prefer your pack posted to you or that can be sent as a gift, we have our Postal Pack available.


  • Welcome letter
  • Photograph of your sponsored hen
  • Hen-tastic factsheet
  • Certificate of sponsorship 
  • Updates from your hen three times a year in Spring, Summer and Winter

Digital Plus

  • Welcome letter
  • Framed photograph of your sponsored hen
  • Hen-tastic factsheet
  • Certificate of sponsorship
  • BHWT branded pen
  • Fridge magnet with one of six
    collectable fun quotes
  • BHWT postcard with one of our happiest
    hens on the front
  • Updates from your hen three times a year in spring, summer and winter


  • Welcome letter
  • Framed photograph of your sponsored hen
  • Hen-tastic factsheet
  • Certificate of sponsorship
  • BHWT branded pen
  • Fridge magnet with one of six
    collectable fun quotes
  • BHWT postcard with one of our happiest hens on the front
  • Updates from your hen three times a year in spring, summer and winter
Joint Hen Illustration

Meet the flock!

We’ve combed through all the applications from hens hoping to become one of our happy half dozen.  All you have to do now is choose which hen to sponsor and you can meet your new feathered friend by discovering her story below.

sponsor a hen looking sideways at camera


Dora came to live with her new family in March 2021. When rehomed she was underweight, so needed a little bit of extra care in the beginning. She took up residence in the utility room until she regained an appetite and began to eat for herself a couple of days later. Blueberries were the trick with Dora and now she adores them!
Dora is quite a house hen, every night she’s patiently carried back to the coop and tucked up with her new friends but she will still take any opportunity to sneak into the house. There have been a few occasions where she has snuck in and not been found, only for her to emerge from her hiding place first thing in the morning! She likes sleeping in the cat’s beds, although they are not amused, and she lives in hope that she’ll be bribed out of the house with another blueberry!
hen sponsorship hen right side showing


Kara was adopted in September 2020. She was known for being the baldest hen her adopters had ever seen, sporting only one feather on her head and one on her leg.

Kara is a feisty little hen and quite quickly was thought of as a little roadrunner. She’s impossible to catch! If she could speak, she would let us know how happy she is now she can run circles around the other hens. She lives with an old cockerel and when she came home, she would sit next to him all day, and sneak in his coop at night and try and snuggle down with him. He is five or six times bigger than her, but she knew he would look after her so they became the best of friends.

A year on, she’s still as fast as ever but goes to bed early now and then, snuggling in next to her cockerel.
sponsor a hen, hen looking at the ground


Lauren found her home in autumn 2020. She was the hen sat quietly around all the buzz of the rehoming day, waiting patiently to be chosen. It was soon apparent that she was unable to stand up for herself but her new family took her home to see if they could help.

Now, Lauren is completely fearless and just wants to make friends with everyone. Initially, many of the other hens were quite mean to her, but she was determined to make friends, even with a bad leg, to sit with them, or go to bed in their coop snuggled up. To this day she’s the first one to come up to someone new, and she always pops her head in the kitchen to see where the treats are, being the first to dive in, getting most of it all over her face.

Lola sah web


In September 2020, Lola was adopted into her new family and flock. On the rehoming day, she was extremely distressed and frightened. She was trying to hide anywhere she could and would scream at the top of her voice when picked up.
She was built an annexe next to the main run, so she could see and hear other hen friends, but she had her own bedroom, food and play space. It took Lola a long time to establish herself with the other hens but she is now a fully paid-up member of the Cluckingham Palace hens. She is always the first to bed but also usually the last to leave her snug coop in the morning – she doesn’t like getting up too early.

Lola has grown into a beautiful happy hen with voluptuous golden feathers and striking yellow legs and loves nothing better than a cuddle.

Rosy sah web


In September 2020, Rosy was rehomed into a community project. She was scrawny and listless and seemed to have no energy or drive. But boy did that change quickly! Rosy understands what you are saying, she’s a very clever chicken. She is inquisitive and can’t miss out if anything is going on.
She genuinely appears to love being around her humans and will often come and sit on the bench we have in the coop to be next to us. She’s one of the cuddliest hens of her flock, going all floppy and snuggling into your arms. Most of the others will accept a cuddle for a few minutes but Rosy has to be forcibly removed from a cuddle at times!

She also likes to establish her place by sitting in the doorway, making the more dominant girls step over her or causing an avian traffic jam with all the lower ranking girls.

Violet sah web


When Violet was adopted she’d never been in daylight before and had only ever stood on a caged floor. She now has the run of a sloped forest outdoor space, with dappled light from trees and bushes, initially this must have been quite a shock. The day she arrived in her new home, she was scraggly and dishevelled but she settled in pretty quickly.

She’s a confident hen, stays out of most squabbles and the others in her flock seem to stay out of her way. She’s pretty savvy and is always where the action is, whether that’s food, new bedding or one of her humans paying a visit. If she could, Violet would crown herself top hen but it’s almost like she doesn’t want the fuss of running the mad flock of crazy hens. That’s too much paperwork for Violet. She seems content being the dominant but relaxed hen for now.

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