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Our coordinators are the glue that hold our wonderful rehoming teams together. As a coordinator you’d be cool, calm and collected enough to organise and take responsibility for your local team on each rehoming day. And it’s a chance to make a real difference. You’d be on the frontline, literally saving thousands of hens from slaughter and handing them over to new loving families.

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A day in the life of Varrie, one of our Volunteer Rehoming Day Administrators

Varrie McDevitt

My name is Varrie, I am part of an amazing team of volunteers at the BHWT Denny rehoming site in Scotland, where I am responsible for all the rehoming day admin duties.  

On rehoming days, I am usually required to assist in collecting hens from the commercial farm and bring them to the rehoming site, where they are unloaded from the crates, checked over and counted. It’s my role to review the paperwork from Hen Central and count hens.  

I’m usually sat at our makeshift reception desk welcoming the adopters as they arrive. I love seeing pages and pages of names of people willing to give the hens a new home and life. I pay close attention to who the first-time adopters are, and I’ll highlight the names of them to ensure that when they arrive, I can provide helpful advice on the do’s and don’ts of hen keeping. 

When adopters arrive, I take their name, confirm the number of hens they’ve reserved and discuss their facilities. Very often we can take extra hens from the commercial farm, we call them “extra luckies,” and so if appropriate, I always ask adopters if they would like any extra hens.  

I love being part of BHWT and the Denny team. We talk the entire day about hens! We all know how many hens each of us keep, their names and the mischief they get up to. Importantly there is always time for plenty of tea, cake, hen chat and hen cuddles. 

At the end of the day there is nothing better than waving the last hen off to her new home and hoping that every hen saved from slaughter that day gets a lovely name, receives endless love, and has a long and happy retirement. 

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