Feeling Dare-devilish?
Want a BIG adventure in 2021?
We want YOU!

How would YOU like to soar like an eagle and help hens?

Wingwalking 2

Let’s face it, we’ve been locked down and locked in for the best part of six months — going from couch to kitchen and back again — and we’re BORED! If you’re like us, we fancy an adventure, something to stir up the daily ritual and get the heart racing again! Something to look forward to. Something most folks never get the chance to do, nor have the nerve to do, and something bucket-list worthy. Well, we have a plan, and you’re invited along for the ride of your life…

We’ve teamed up with AeroSuperBatics, the world’s only formation wingwalking team, to offer you a unique wingwalking experience (told you it’d get your heart racing), while helping us raise funds for our beloved hens and the BHWT.

Based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, AeroSuperBatics has a 30-year, 100% safety record, and we’ve put together an exclusive package that guarantees an exhilarating adventure!

After training and a full safety briefing, an AeroSuperbatics professional wingwalker will strap you securely to the top wing of a Boeing Stearman biplane. As you taxi across the airfield, ready for take-off, you’ll be overwhelmed with excitement from the roar of the 450hp engine, ensuring the most dramatic, thrilling and powerful ride in the UK. As the propeller in front of you reaches speeds of 760mph, your adrenaline will hit new heights as the aircraft builds momentum, ready for take-off! You’ll get to experience an exciting series of flypasts, zoom climbs, steep dives and banks, in front of any family and friends you’ve brought along to watch.

You’ll feel the sense of freedom as you fly like a bird, taking in the stunning views surrounding the airfield, whilst waving to friends and family down below.

And if you want to prove you were brave enough to wing-walked on social media, a Go Pro camera is positioned on the plane facing you, capturing your flight and memorialising your incredible adventure! Just let AeroSuperBatics know on the day that you want a copy of the video to commemorate your wild ride.

You’ll be with your flight instructors for about 3 hours and flying for approximately 8-10 minutes.

Wingwalking 3
Wingwalking 4

The Nitty Gritty

So that’s the adventure but how do you raise money for the hens and the BHWT? Well, as we noted earlier, not everyone has the nerve or gumption to take on such an incredibly thrilling proposition, so how about you challenge your friends and family to dare you to do it by getting them to sponsor you?

When you sign up with us, we’ll create a personalised webpage just for you to share with your friends, family and social media followers, so they can egg you on and you can encourage them to sponsor your daring day!

Cost Versus Reward: A Win Win for Everyone

The retail cost of an AeroSuprbatics wingwalk is £399, but we’re able to offer you this incredible experience for only £150! That’s a 62% discount off the marked retail value!!! All we ask is that you pay the £150 registration fee to secure your flight and raise a minimum of £500 in sponsorships.

You’ll get to have an incredible adventure whilst making your friends and family gasp in amazement while raising money for a great cause! Everybody wins… and you get to be a real superhero to the hens as you blaze through the sky!

Are you In? Or are you too chicken?

Get ready for the ride of your life! Sign up here and you’ll get your own BHWT Sponsor Me! WingWalks webpage you can share with friends, family and your social media followers! It’ll help you keep track of who’s sponsored you and share your experience! You’ll also receive a stylish BHWT branded jacket and a digital link to your wingwalk video. (What other swag can we give them need some sexy stuff here???)


To take part in an AeroSuperBatics Wingwalk you must: