Great British Free Range Farmers

We are proud to say we are staunch supporters of the British egg industry; welfare in the UK is amongst the highest in the world and our great British farmers are willing to listen to consumer concerns on welfare. Making a difference to hen welfare means we need to listen to the farmers too and learn more about why they farm as they do.

We think it’s important to understand the farmer’s view on the egg industry and as such will be running occasional interviews with a range of different egg producers so you can learn more about our farmers who are flying the British egg flag.

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St Mawes

Free-range hens with a sea view and freedom to sleep in tree perches at night? Who’d have thought it! Well that’s just what some of the lucky hens at St Mawes Hens in Cornwall enjoy.

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Farmer Brown’s Eggs

Farmer Brown’s Eggs is a family business producing free-range eggs in Australia on a 20-hectare site where their girls are free to roam to their hearts’ content.

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Phil Sherratt

The free range British Blacktail hens living on the Gloucestershire farm under Phil’s care enjoy only the best conditions, and are free to roam from dawn to dusk within an area double the size than that required under legislation.

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Black Dog Free Range Eggs

Devon business, Black Dog Free Range Eggs, is run by a family who have been producing free range eggs for over 20 years.