Hatching Eggs into Cockerels

Posted 31st March 2015 04:37pm by

Hatching Eggs can be a fantastic experience and it’s lovely to see an ex-bat sitting on a clutch of eggs doing what comes naturally. However it is important to remember that inevitably 50% of eggs hatched will be boys!

Here at Hen Central we take on average 6 calls a day asking for help from people who have un-wittingly hatched a flock of cockerels and are now unable to find them all homes. Sadly we are unable to help, as we do not have a permanent re-homing centre. We would suggest that you advertise your cockerels through local animal sanctuary, feed merchants, vets, or as a last resort try the RSPCA.

Visit our Hen Health page for more advice, view our Hen Examination Guidelines or click here to Find Your Nearest Hen Friendly Vet.

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