Heather Trefusis’ ‘chick lit’ boosts national hen welfare charity

Posted 13th August 2015 04:30pm by


Heather Trefusis’ ‘chick lit’ boosts national hen welfare charity

Devon-based charity, the British Hen Welfare Trust, hopes to receive a boost in funds from sales of a new series of children’s books.

Author Heather Trefusis adopted four hens from the charity as pets and was inspired to write a book about their cheeky antics. The book was snapped up by a publisher, who asked her to write three more.

“I’m delighted to share the hens’ stories with children all over the world”, said Heather, “and it’s absolutely fitting that the British Hen Welfare Trust should receive a share of the profits to help them continue their great work.”

The charity, which re-homes ex commercial laying hens, and educates the public about how they can make a difference to hen welfare, also encourages support for the British egg industry.  Since its launch in 2005 the charity has re-homed over 460,000 hens from over 31 ‘pop-up’ locations run by teams of volunteers across the UK.

The Four Little Hens series is out now. More information about the author and the charity can be found at www.fourlittlehens.co.uk.