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Hen Adoption Application

Tell us about yourself and your setup

Below are some simple questions we'd like you to answer relating to your wish to adopt some hens.
These questions are designed to give us a sense of where the hens will be housed and your previous hen-keeping experience. Please be assured this serves to help us find suitable homes for our hens and give you insights into our requirements.
If you would prefer to call us to apply then please do, but applying online is the quickest way to get your hands on hens.
You will need to provide a photograph of your housing structure and outdoor areas.

About You

Please ensure that you include contact details should we need to get in touch with you at the weekend.

Please enter your postcode and our automatic system will find your address. Please ensure the correct address is selected. Alternatively you can enter it manually.

Gift Aid

Keeping in touch

Your hens and their home

Hen Welfare

Want hens? Here are a few things that will help to get you ready for them! If you would like to discuss any of these items in your Hen Adoption Check Call, please select the box relating to the point.
For any more information, you can read a full checklist on our Ultimate Hen Keeping Starter Guide.
Please make a donation to adopt your hens (£)
We do ask for a donation if you're adopting hens as a way of covering our costs. It also helps us further our work improving hen welfare, and we happen to think our girls are worth it.
Please note that you'll now be taken to a payment screen to make your donation. Please do not close your browser or click on the back button during the transaction process or your donation will fail.