Hen Health

Keeping chickens is a fun and rewarding experience, and we know better than most just how quickly these feathery little creatures become part of the family. As with any pet, rehoming hens is a responsibility that should not be taken on lightly. As a hen keeper you will need to ensure that your girls are in a safe and suitable environment, with all their daily care needs addressed. This includes providing their on-going healthcare.

In our hen health pages you’ll find information on how to keep your flock happy and healthy, and what to do if you notice a hen who’s feeling a little under the weather.

Not all vets are avian specialists and therefore might not know how to best treat your girls. For that reason, we have produced a list of Hen Friendly Vets for you to call on when you need specific advice. Our Hen Helpline is also available for all hen keepers too, you can call the team on 01884 860084 and we will do all we can to advise you.