Hen Health

We have produced a list of Hen-Friendly Vets for you to call on when you need specific advice. Our Hen Helpline is also available for all hen keepers too, you can call the team on 01884 860084 and we will do all we can to advise you.

If you are a vet visiting our hen health pages and would like more in-depth vet specific information about diagnosing and treating pet poultry, please take a look at our Poultry Vet Guide link below.

PVG default image

Poultry Vet Guide is a new and unique online support facility offering veterinary guidance for pet poultry to vets globally

Poultry Vet Guide has been designed to give practising vets confidence in treating pet hens with access to an easy-to-use medications chart, how-to guides, disease articles, clinical decision trees, surgical videos and rules on prescribing.