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Hen Helpline

Every year our Hen Helpline supports 2,000 people in need of advice for their poorly pet chickens.

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Why is our Hen Helpline needed?

With more pet hens around, there’s a greater chance of someone needing advice and help if their chicken falls ill or behaves in a way their keeper doesn’t understand.

Our helpline acts as the first line of support for poorly pet hens. We’re not trained vets, but we do have lots of experience and know more than a thing or two when it comes to caring for hens.

Providing this vital resource costs our small charity over £2,000 per month.
In return for helping your hen we ask for a minimum donation of £6 to help another hen.
We would be so grateful if you would donate after you have spoken with one of our helpful advisers.
We hope you find our service beneficial, and thank you for helping us to help other hens.

Who can use our Hen Helpline?

You don’t need to have adopted hens from us to use our Hen Helpline. Neither do you need to live in the UK.

Our Hen Helpline is for any hen anywhere and for any issue. We give guidance about everything from bullying to unusual egg laying and vent problems.

So, if you have a concern about your pet hen, please do get in touch.

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Supporting you after loss

For all the joy and happiness hens brings into our lives, we can be left with a real void when they pass away. Our pets are so much more than just that – they are members of our family.

If you find yourself suffering with grief after the loss of a hen, our team are bereavement trained and a friendly voice at the end of the phone for support and advice.

Contacting the Hen Helpline

If you have a question, a concern or just want to speak with someone who understands the needs of ex-commercial hens, give our Hen Helpline a call on 01884 860084 or email your question to

Prior to calling, please read our Hen Examination Guidelines and examine your hen so that we can give the best possible advice.

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With thanks to the Pets at Home Foundation for supporting our Hen Helpline