Hen Helpline

Hen Helpline

Since 2005 when we were founded, with your help, we have re-homed over 850,000 hens. Each year, around half of our adopters have no previous experience of keeping hens, but are driven by compassion to improve lives for hens otherwise destined for slaughter. Often all that the girls need is a bit of TLC, good food, open space and a secure house, and they will flourish into retirement.

Sometimes though it is not quite so simple. Hens can have problems just like our cats, dogs and other beloved furry friends, and whilst vet knowledge of backyard poultry is improving, we are still often the first port of call for help when something goes wrong.

Whilst we aren’t a team of veterinary professionals, we have gained plenty of experience and knowledge over the years which we are very happy to share. We also work closely with a number of vets and have started to build on the current knowledge-base to help improve pet hen health across the country.

If you have a question, a concern or just want to speak with someone who understands the needs of ex-battery hens give our Hen Helpline a call on 01884 860084 or email your question to

Please note that this is a free service and we will do all we can to help you nurse your hen back to full health. However, with more than one million hen keepers across the UK, demand for our help and support is increasing rapidly and as a small charity, our resources are limited.

If you have used our Hen Helpline and would like to support us to continue our work, you could consider giving a donation to help us. Any amount would be very welcome and will help us to help even more hens. All funds raised will be used to fund the activities of the charity including the Hen Helpline and rehoming activity. Thank you.

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