Agatha’s Story

Agatha was named after Aunt Agatha from the famous books and TV series, Poldark. Tracey adopted and named her, along with four other hens. Agatha was very withdrawn at first, it seemed like she was the worst off in the group and would sleep for the majority of the first week they had her. “We didn’t think she would make it through the week at first.”

Agatha and her four sisters were a big part of Tracey’s family. “They ruled the roost”, she tells us. One routine they had was regularly overturning the soil in Tracey’s garden so they could all have a big dust bath together. They had a lovely long life with Tracey and her family and always made her smile.

Agatha was always distinguishable due to a limp she had when Tracey adopted her. She tells us “that never went away, so we could always distinguish her in the group from day one. She would get newspaper strips stuck to her bag leg and walk around with streamers behind her”. It seems like Agatha became a bit of a fashion icon for the rest of the hens! The limp didn’t stop her from doing what she wanted although she wasn’t impartial to being carried to bed of a night-time as she was always last in due to her limp.

Tracey saw a massive transformation in Agatha, she tells us, “she was almost completely bald when she arrived and she couldn’t fully sit down. When she got better, she had beautiful feathers and a nice red comb.” She began to love life and showed it to Tracey often.

The hens changed Tracey’s life for the better, telling us “I had very early mornings to get the girls up and about to enjoy the day. I have learned so much about hens and each unique personality.”

Looking back at their time together, Tracey relates that “There is a lot of poop! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done though, I can watch them for hours, they brought me a lot of pleasure. A bonus was the fresh eggs every day!”

One thing that Tracey remembers most about Agatha is that she was best friends with their three-legged Persian cat Hugo, “they went everywhere together and were partners in crime” she tells us.  

Agatha was one of many special hens for Tracey, and her second chance at life, free-ranging is something that we hope for all the hens that we can save from slaughter. If you have a hen, whose story is something to be shared, fill in the form below and tell us why your hen was special to you.

We love that Tracey was able to share a little bit of Agatha’s life with us and to know that she had a long life with Tracey and her four sisters. Thank you, Tracey.

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