Babs’s Story

I would like to thank the British Hen Welfare for the work they do, as without them, we wouldn’t have come across Babs and we wouldn’t have been able to give her a lovely new life.

Babs (or Barbara) has always been a mischievous hen. Rebecca, her keepers, tells us that they have always named their hens after older ladies. It is something that has continued as the flock has got bigger. From day one, Babs was part of the family. Her mischievous personality meant that she always wanted to explore which stood out to the family as she was always the most hilarious hen out of the flock.

Rebecca tells us “she and the other ex-commercial hens slotted into the flock so well” which many people are surprised at when they first adopt them. They don’t realise that they can assert themselves so well into family life once they are given the chance to thrive.

Babs’ curiosity and mischievous manner are what makes Babs so special to Rebecca’s family. Rebecca tells us “she always wants to come into the house and often in the summer you will find her wandering around the kitchen. I love seeing her little face against the kitchen door, it is like she is asking to come in.”

She is also a real foodie. She adores lettuce, rice, peppers and cucumbers. However, she wouldn’t turn her nose down at anything. Babs is a born escape artist and loves to break free from the run/coop at any point she can. Her curiosity really drives her and leads her to try and discover new things. She has such an amazing personality!

Rebecca remembers when they first got her, how different she looks now. She tells us “her biggest change was her appearance. She went from this skinny little chicken to a beautiful full feathered girl. The transformation is fantastic to see”

Having chickens has been something Rebecca grew up with. But being able to go out to her back garden and feed the girls is what makes keeping hens so lovely for Rebecca. She tells us “each of them has different personalities. Babs in particular likes to talk to you and chatter back. She is mischievous at times and will take any opportunity to slip into a small gap or explore somewhere new.”

It’s because of this that Rebecca’s biggest tip for adopting hens is to get yourself a good sturdy hen house and to ensure you provide plenty of space for the girls to roam. It’s not always fun and games when you have a hen escape into your next-door neighbour’s garden! Rebecca reminds us “It is very easy to want to adopt lots of ex-laying chickens, but equally ensuring they have space is also important.”

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